About Me

TL;DR: This is a site about (you guessed it) Nixie tubes.

I’m Alessio and I mantain this site to share my passion for Nixie tubes and show off the ones I own.

The intention is to progressively build a collection of Soviet Nixie tubes. I started acquiring them in October 2017, and I recently began to take photos and write detailed specifications translated from Russian. I am also looking forward to adding more brands to my collection (as I already own some non-Soviet tubes).

You will also find some of my projects here, along with full instructions and schematics. Replicating them will be easy (as long as you can find the Nixies themselves — mine are not for sale, of course).

If you have any tips or questions (or Nixie suggestions, perhaps), feel free to contact me. Just keep in mind that I am not going to sell any tube…

Supportaci! Progetti così belli costano parecchio…

In questo modo potremo mantenere questo sito attivo e senza pubblicità.